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Building Objects with Kotlin

By leveraging the Kotlin Language features of data classes, named parameters and default values, we can address the the majority of use cases that the Builder Pattern addresses for Java, but with much less code. I saw a Tweet by Hannes Dorfmann …

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Rxify: Error Handling with Subjects (Relays)

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Who says a stream with RxRelay doesn’t crash? Motivation It all started with my encounter with a crashing stream ... Requirement The application needed to support functionality, which allowed the user to load more data on scrolling - known as …

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Self Destructing Smart Contracts in Ethereum

Photo by Tanner Van Dera

Once a contract is created on the Ethereum blockchain it cannot be modified. Said another way - it’s written in stone. Updating your code is problematic … actually impossible Updating a smart contact can be a problem if you need to change the code …

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How to Migrate from Android-Job to WorkManager

How to Migrate from Android-Job to WorkManager

The WorkManager API was recently announced at Google I/O. The goal of this library is to help simplify the way we handle background work. Specifically, it lets you create a task and hand it off to WorkManager to run immediately or at a later time. …

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Handling Optional Errors using Kotlin Sealed Classes

Large seal. Or more likely a sea lion.

When calling a function which returns data, there is often the need to handle errors which might occur. This post details how to make use of Kotlin’s sealed classes to return one object which can represent the data you expected or an error. Let’s …

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Exploring the Android Navigation Architecture Component

At the last I/O we saw the introduction of Android Architecture Components, which since have been helping us to simplify the way in which we build our apps. Yesterday at this years I/O we saw 2 new additions to this collection of components, one of …

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